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There's nothing worse than finding out the hard way that you still have a criminal record even though the charges against you were withdrawn, stayed or dismissed in court.

Tell me: where's the justice in that?

Now that you know it's there, though, how many other ways will your criminal record mess up your life? Will it squash your next big job opportunity? Prevent you from crossing the border? Rob you of volunteering or educational opportunities? Deny you custody of your children?

Even if you've never been convicted of an offence, your criminal record could do any of these things – unless you apply to have your non-conviction files destroyed.

If you have a criminal record due to a charge for which you weren't convicted, we'll get your files destroyed for you – or we'll refund every penny of our fee.

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"Why do I have a criminal record even though I was never convicted?"

If you've ever been arrested and/or charged with a crime, the arresting police detachment has your personal information on file. Anyone who performs a background check on you has access to that information, which will include:

  • A record indicating that you were charged with an offence
  • Your fingerprints
  • Police photos
  • Any other information that was disclosed when you were arrested

You've heard of the court of public opinion. How understanding do you think a potential employer, landlord or volunteer organization will be when they discover your mug shot and find out you were charged with a crime?

If you'd rather not find out, just fill out the form at the top , or call 1.800.710.1177 to destroy your police record for good.

How we get your police files destroyed

On your behalf, a file destruction specialist will:

  • Track down all pertinent court documents
  • Research the arresting police detachment's file destruction policies
  • Ensure any non-conviction files pertaining to your case – including fingerprints and photographs – are permanently destroyed
  • Have your non-conviction records removed from the Canadian Police Information Centre database
  • Ensure your Fingerprint (FPS) Number is cancelled

It's important to note that each police detachment has its own rules for non-conviction police files and has the right to deny any request for file destruction. That's why we offer you this guarantee:

If, for whatever reason, we can't get your non-conviction criminal record destroyed, we'll refund every penny of our fee – guaranteed!

Our fee for guaranteed file destruction? Just $240.

Shop around – that's less than half what some of our more unscrupulous competitors charge for the same premium service.

Once you've seen what other companies are offering, just fill in the form at the top , or call 1.800.710.1177 to get your non-conviction police files destroyed forever – guaranteed.

Why do some companies charge so much more for file destruction?

Unfortunately, there are some unethical companies out there that tend to give our industry a bad name. You'll be able to pick them out by how much they charge for file destruction – often two or three times our $200 guaranteed fee.

To justify their exorbitant fees, these companies will make you jump through all sorts of unnecessary hoops to make you think you're receiving more service than you really are. And while you're running around getting fingerprinted, hassling employers for character references and agonizing over a personal statement, they're sitting back and counting their money. Nice, eh?

The file destruction process isn't rocket science – you just have to know what you're doing. We believe that if you're coming to us to have your non-conviction files destroyed, you've already been through enough. We just want to help you put this behind you forever.

If you've never been convicted of a crime, you don't deserve a criminal record. You know it. We know it. So let's clear your name for good.

“I desperately wanted to get rid of my criminal record but was tight on funds. Your services were the most affordable by far. I got my file permanently destroyed within months for just $240! Still can’t believe other companies were charging double, even triple for the same service.”

Ray | Oshawa, ON

Why live with a criminal record when you don’t have to?

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